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Department of Commerce Honored for Data & Technology Innovation

FedScoop 50 AwardsFedScoop, a Washington DC-based government IT media company, recently honored three Department of Commerce innovators under its annual "FedScoop 50" awards.  Commerce's CIO, Steve Cooper, won the "GoldenGov Federal Executive of the Year".   The Department's new prioritization on Data was also a winner in two ways.  First, the newly hired Deputy Chief Data Officer, Tyrone Grandison, won "Most Inspiring Up & Comer".  Second, one of the data products the Department invented – a civic information integrator called "CitySDK" – won "Innovation of the Year".

We are working alongside Steve Cooper to implement the data initiative.  Steve is being honored for his continued leadership in Federal government.  His contributions to Federal IT span some of the government's most important work over recent decades, and the Department of Commerce is grateful for the modernization efforts he is now leading.  As for Dr. Grandison, I can personally attest to his extraordinary brilliance and commitment.  He is an amazing public servant who has already built an exemplary data science and cybersecurity career.  In his new role, we will be excited to see how he will direct a new team, the Commerce Data Service, to help American businesses thrive. 

The Census Bureau's City SDK Project is also a great example of the leading data and technology work at the Department of Commerce.  The City SDK is a user-friendly "toolbox" for civic hackers and developers to connect the Census Bureau's local and national public data with data from the other bureau's and other sources in an open application programming interface (API).  The tool has the capability to easily mash-up data from different sources, saving hours of coding time for developers.  The CitySDK product was led by Avi Bender, CTO of the Census Bureau, and initially conceived by Jeff Meisel, a Presidential Innovation Fellow, whose inspiring work for the Census Bureau led to his appointment as its first-ever Chief Marketing Officer.

Congratulations to all the FedScoop 50 award winners!

Guest Blog by Ian Kalin, Commerce Chief Data Officer


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