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Bureau of Economic Analysis

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services

The December 2014 international trade deficit increased 17.1 percent from November, to $46.6 billion. Exports decreased 0.8 percent to $194.9 billion, and imports increased 2.2 percent to $241.4 billion.

For the full year 2014, the trade deficit grew 6 percent to $505b. Exports rose 2.9 percent, to $2.3 trillion, and imports increased 3.4 percent, to $2.9 trillion.

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services

The November 2014 international trade deficit decreased 7.7 percent from September, to $39.0 billion. Exports decreased 1.0 percent to $196.4 billion, and imports decreased 2.2 percent to $235.4 billion. 

2015 Promises More Data from BEA on Foreign Investment in the United States

Are you looking for statistics on new investment by foreign companies in the United States? The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has you covered. New statistics slated to be unveiled later this year will provide information on things like when a foreign company launches a new business in this country or expands an existing one by building a new plant.

Bureau of Economic Analysis Awards Ceremony: Dr. Abe Dunn Receives First-Ever Landefeld Innovation Award

Washington, D.C. - Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews, Under Secretary Mark Doms, BEA Director Brian Moyer, and BEA Chief Economist David Johnson present Dr. Abe Dunn, Senior Economist in the Bureau's Office of the Chief Economist, with the first J. Steven Landefeld Award for Innovation for his ground-breaking work on measuring health care expenditures.

BEA Operational Improvements Enable Agency to Publish More Regional Economic Statistics

Operational improvements at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) mean the public will soon get to see more regional economic data. These improvements will safeguard businesses’ private information, while ensuring vital regional data is available to policy makers and other data users. BEA is constantly looking at ways to better provide the information that users need while protecting the confidentiality of employers’ records.


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