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White House Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable Brings Together Manufacturers Committed to Strengthening Small Manufacturers in Domestic Supply Chains

White House Supply Chain Innovation RoundtablePost by Dr. Sue Helper

On July 9, I attended a gathering of two dozen manufacturing executives to discuss ways to improve the competitiveness of America's supply chains. This exciting event is part of the White House Supply Chain Innovation Initiative that the President announced in March.

Recent Trends in Manufacturing

Since the Great Recession, manufacturing has experienced a period of growth. In our June 2014 report, Manufacturing Since the Great Recession, Ryan Noonan and I provided an overview of recent trends in manufacturing. This blog updates those facts.  What we find is that while manufacturing is still recovering, the rebound has slowed somewhat in recent months.

What is Made In America?

Made In America Industry Collage

Seventh in a Series of Manufacturing Profiles: What is Made in America? These profiles are a follow-up to the ESA report "What is Made in America?" which estimates the dollar value and domestic-production percentage of what America produces.

Made In America: Computer and Electronic Products

In 2012, shipments from the U.S. manufacturing sector totaled $5.7 trillion. So, what do we make in the United States? This series of manufacturing profiles will answer that question one industry at a time. This seventh profile focuses on computer and electronic products. Previous profiles focused on machinery; food, beverages and tobacco products; transportation equipment (excluding motor vehicles); chemicals; apparel, leather, and allied products; and petroleum and coal products.

An Update on Temporary Help in Manufacturing

The temporary help services industry has bounced back from the recession and continues to grow.  Newly available data are enabling the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) to re-examine this important industry and update a report on the temp industry that we published last year.1 Although we don't know exactly how many temporary workers actually work in the manufacturing sector, we estimate that temps fill somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 percent of all jobs in production occupations in the manufacturing sector.2 Because temps are not counted as manu

Manufacturing and Trade: Inventories and Sales

December 2014 business inventories were $1,764.4 billion, up 0.1 percent from November and up 3.9 percent from December 2013.  Sales were $1,331.2 billion, down 0.9 percent from the previous month but up 0.9 percent from one year earlier.


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