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Statement on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance

Statement from Justin Antonipillai, Counselor to the Secretary
Delegated Duties of Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

“Today’s Income, Poverty and Health Insurance data release from the U.S. Census Bureau is good news for the American people.  Household income increased for the first time since 2007, and reductions in the poverty rate are the largest on record since 1990.  These improvements cut across all socioeconomic and demographic groups in every region of the country.  In addition, we saw health insurance coverage improve in every state with the rate of uninsured people decreasing by 1.3 percentage points to a total of 29 million.  There is still work to do, but we are clearly on the right track”

Hero Hackers, DOC Data and Smart Home Innovation in Play at TechCrunch 2016 Hackathon

Just a quick note with another story about “hero hackers” we’re exposing our data to in an effort to see what creative solutions they can design to make the world a little better.

This weekend, the Department of Commerce will be one of the first federal agencies to have its datasets play a starring role in the TechCrunch Disrupt conference hackathon in San Francisco. 

Advancing Data Equality

Department of Commerce seal over skyline of Boston.I lead the Economic and Statistics Administration at the Department of Commerce, I think a lot about the Open Data revolution, and who benefits from it.

I’m actually a lawyer by training, and I started my career working with and fighting for small-to-medium, regional American companies. They made or distributed things from plumbing and auto parts, to construction and medical equipment.

To me, these companies are among the best of American industry. The leaders of these companies were focused on their people and communities. They brought good-paying jobs and opportunities to people and places across the nation that struggle to win in the new global economy. They hoped to grow through innovation, efficiency, sales and exports.

ESA’s Justin Antonipillai to Keynote Boston Big Data Innovation Summit

Washington, D.C. – Justin Antonipillai, the Commerce Department’s head of the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) will deliver the keynote address at the Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston, MA on Friday, September 9th.  His keynote address is entitled “Using Commerce Data to Drive Government Policy.”

Innovating with Data at DOC

Commerce Data Service (CDS), Data Science Team pictured left to right: Negar Kalbasi, CDS, Pri Oberoi, CDS, Star Ying, CDS, Stephen Devine, EDA, Andrea Julca, BEA, April Blair, PTO, Karl Skowronek, PTOThe rapid evolution of technology and the rise of all things digital have unleashed a stunning amount of data through federal agencies – and an unprecedented opportunity to advance the ways in which we share, analyze, interpret and put data to work in meaningful ways. To that end, I’d like to share a few stories that demonstrate how using data science, agile development methods, user-centered design principles and simple visualizations can unlock new levels of productivity and insight from data at the DOC.  


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