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Oilheat Price Analysis 2011

Pursuant to the requirements of the National Oilheat Research Alliance Act of 2000 (NOHRAA),[1] the Department of Commerce (Department) analyzed changes in oilheat prices relative to other energy sources. The report presents the relevant price data and concludes that oilheat prices did not exceed the threshold established by the Act.

Women in America

The White House Council on Women and Girls was created by President Obama in early 2009 to enhance, support and coordinate the efforts of existing programs for women and girls. When President Obama signed the Executive Order creating the Council on Women and Girls, he noted that the issues facing women today “are not just women’s issues.” When women make less than men for the same work, it impacts families who then find themselves with less income and often increased challenges in making ends meet. When a job does not offer family leave, it impacts both parents and often the entire family.

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