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The Economics of Y2K and the Impact on the United States

As a result of programming decisions made during their creation, computer software and hardware may not recognize the Year 2000 accurately, causing operational errors. This report assesses the economic implications of this Y2K problem for the U.S. economy. The Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration reviewed how firms and governments should be expected to react in the face of the knownY2K problems and compared these results with available progress reports on Y2K readiness and other published Y2K economic assessments.

The Emerging Digital Economy II

Electronic commerce (business transactions on the Web) and the information technology (IT) industries that make “e-commerce” possible are growing and changing at breathtaking speed, fundamentally altering the way Americans produce, consume, communicate, and play.

1997 Economic Census: Advance Summary Statistics for the United States 1997 NAICS Basis

This report, from the 1997 Economic Census, is one of a series of four Core Business Statistics Series of reports, each of which provides statistics for individual industries and/or states.

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