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Temporary Help in Manufacturing

The temporary help services industry has bounced back from the recession and continues to grow. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Employment Statistics (CES) program, the temporary help industry only accounts for 2 percent of all employment in the U.S. economy (as of July 2014), but accounts for 11 percent of all the jobs created since the end of the recession. Growth has continued steadily in 2014, with 107,100 temp jobs added during the first seven months of the year. Temp workers are a critical, growing component of the workforce in many industries and occupations, even for traditional factory jobs, as explored below.[i]

[i] Matthew Dey, Susan N. Houseman, and Anne E. Polivka. “Manufacturers’ Outsourcing to Staffing Services.” Cornell University ILR School. June 2012. Available at:

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