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Small-and-medium-sized Companies Increasingly Contribute to U.S. Exports

Yesterday, the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis released the International Trade in Goods and Services report for February 2012.  The U.S. international trade deficit decreased from $52.5 billion (revised) in January to $46.0 billion in February, as imports decreased and exports increased.  U.S. exports increased slightly from January 2012 to $181.2 billion.  Through the first two months, U.S. exports of goods and services are up 8.5 percent over the same period of 2011. 

Intellectual Property-Intensive Industries Contribute $5 Trillion, 40 Million Jobs to US Economy

America's entrepreneurs, businesses, and workers are the primary source of new ideas that drive innovation. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights – the main protections in our IP system – are critical tools that help commercialize innovative, game-changing ideas, from advances in healthcare technology to improved consumer products. By creating a better environment for our private sector to capitalize those ideas, IP protections help foster the innovation and creativity that leads to a stronger economy and more jobs.

The U.S. Motor Vehicle Industry: Roaring Back in 2012

By any variety of measures, the U.S. motor vehicle industry has made a remarkable comeback after experiencing an incredibly deep decline during the most recent recession.  To answer the question of "just how much the motor vehicle industry has comeback?," this blog examines the recent increases in production, employment, exports, and sales.

Vehicle Sales Start Strong in 2012

One closely followed measure of consumer spending is motor vehicle sales (where "motor vehicle" means cars and light trucks), and as you've likely seen in the news, motor vehicle sales have taken off in the first three months of 2012.

Manufacturing doing pretty well so far in 2012

In case you missed it yesterday, data on orders and shipments of durable goods (which account for around half of all manufacturing output and value added) were released by the U.S. Census Bureau.  This is a good opportunity to assess how the manufacturing sector in 2012 is doing, and to do that, we look at a variety of indicators.   

International Trade: U.S. and India

U.S. Exports Top Historic High of $2.1 Trillion, Support 9.7 Million Jobs

Economic Indicator: Nearly 4 million jobs created in the past 24 months

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their February 2012 report on the employment situation, and the economy posted strong gains again in February, building on January's strong report.  Total private non-farm employment increased by 233,000 in February.  In the past 24 months, the private sector has added nearly 4 million jobs (3.94 technically). 

Economic Indicator: Unemployment Insurance Initial Claims and Private Sector Job Growth

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month, which typically brings new jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  But, alas, the actual release date will be next Friday March 9th. To help satiate our cravings for labor market analysis, we have decided to take a look at today's release of the weekly unemployment insurance data from the Department of Labor.


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