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Press Releases

Announcements from the U.S. Department of Commerce

Statement from Commerce Secretary John Bryson on Retail Sales in January 2012

WASHINGTON – The Commerce Department’s U.S. Census Bureau today released retail sales data for January 2012. Total retail sales grew 0.4 percent from December 2011 to January 2012.  Excluding automobiles, January 2012 retail sales grew 0.7 percent. 

Statement from U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson on the Advance Estimate of Gross Domestic Product in the Fourth Quarter 2011

The U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis today released the advance estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter of 2011.  Real GDP rose 2.8 percent at an annual rate, up from 1.8 percent in the third quarter. Real GDP for 2011 overall grew 1.7 percent. The increase in real GDP reflected growth across several key economic sectors.  Real exports of goods and services increased 4.7 percent in the fourth quarter, the same increase as in the third.


Commerce Department Report Provides Roadmap for Competitiveness

Department also launches interactive report at to highlight study’s findings and work already underway

WASHINGTON – The U.S Department of Commerce today delivered to Congress a comprehensive report on “The Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of the United States.”  The report serves as a call to arms, highlighting bipartisan priorities to sustain and promote American innovation and economic competitiveness. 

 The report makes three important findings:

Statement from U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson on New Residential Construction in November 2011

WASHINGTON – The Commerce Department's U.S. Census Bureau today released data on new residential construction in November 2011.  Permits for new housing units rose 5.7 percent in November, well-above private-sector expectations of a 1.7 percent decline.  Housing starts soared to their highest level since April 2010, increasing 9.3 percent from October to November and 24.3 percent from November 2010. Private-sector analysts had expected an 0.3 percent rise. 

Today's news was driven in large part by a significant upturn in multi-family housing starts - an increase of 25.3 percent from October to November 2011.  The three-month average of multi-family starts is also up.

October Personal Income Statement from Commerce Department Chief Economist Mark Doms

Washington, DC. The U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis today released data on personal income and outlays for October 2011. Personal income rose 0.4 percent in October, exceeding private-sector forecasts of a 0.3 percent increase. Wages and salaries, the largest part of income, rose 0.5 percent. Real consumer spending edged up 0.1 percent, compared to expectations of a 0.3 percent rise. This followed a pickup of 0.5 percent in September, however.